Disruptive Technology

Good ideas become exceptional and successful companies

With creative and critical thinking

Disruptive thinking is the driver of innovation and ideas that changes the way business is conducted, results are delivered, and economies grow. Think! Think out of the box, think of new answers to old problems and situations; think critically to achieve the seemingly impossible. TALA can help you navigate new technology and new ways of viewing your concerns. TALA solves problems that appear difficult and impossible through applying learned experiences, new technology applications, and connecting resources i.e., people, technology, facilities, locations, and processes.

Critical thinking can achieve the seemingly impossible!

59% of Organizations

are gathering information to build an AI strategy

30% of CIOs by 2020

will include AI in their top 5 investment priorities

65% of CEOs

consider technological disruption an opportunity
Predictions become reality sooner

Tomorrow’s Vision is Reality Today!

* A group of 13 Technology Executives and CEOs predict that virtual reality will become mainstream and affect business, marketing, travel and shopping. By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented/virtual reality (Forbes Technology Council, 2016, July)