Connected Resources

The level and quality of connectivity determines

Positive Impact and Results Achieved

Disparate resources and information creates challenges and opportunities for government, business, industry, education, and healthcare based on how connections and access is achieved. Making the right connections is an important first step to leveraging collective talent, experience, and knowledge to solve problems, develop new products, and improve the quality of life for communities. TALA offers connectivity, access, and usage solutions that opens new markets, creates opportunities, and builds ecosystems that serves individuals, businesses and government entities.

The TALA “Connected Community” program is the focal point for the right contacts and connections!

500 k


44,000 MW

generated monthly

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Nearly 90% of American workers will depend on

Reliable High Speed Internet Access !

*Currently, more than 62% of Americans depend on Internet access for their jobs, most likely increasing to 25% by 2018. (The Future of Work in Cities/Report National League of Cities, 2016 *Rapid connectivity, fast telecommunication provision, growing population and hyper-urbanization are the major driving factors for the smart cities market, which is projected to grow from USD 424.68 billion in 2017 to USD 1,201.69 billion by 2022. *One forecast predicts the Internet of Things will grow to reach a staggering 75 billion devices by 2025.